Product for Electronic Assy.
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POSITION: Product for Electronic Assy. - Wave Soldering Pallet
Wave Soldering Pallet

Major technology parameters:

1. Pocket and open area min. corner .0315 in.
2. Thin wall between pocket and open area can be .030 min.
3. Pin or movable pin is available according to the requirements
4. Standard clamp sets provide easily operating and stable clamping.
5. All tolerance control with +/- .005 inch
6. Finger pkt and direction arrows for mistaking proof
7. Stainless or titanium side bars available for option
8. Big bottom chamfer with solder flow channel..

We also offer:

One day design after get the Gerber;
One day for the first sample pallet after PO and drawing confirmed;
Two days for the rest after first sample confirmed.


Solder Thief installed for solder bridging reducing.
  1. Through specially design and manufacturing process, the solder thief can be installed on wave pallet to reduce 50~80% short bridging from normal wave processing.
  2. This function can be applied for single part or whole pallet
  3. High precision control will allow all the solder thief get unique performance.
Titanium insert available for 0.010 wall thickness

For very tight space control, the titanium insert for wave soldering processing can provide 0.010 inch thin wall and .03125 inch corners. This kind of insert can dramatically reduce the hand soldering work and save time.

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